Welcome to my Simulator

Updated 26.Jun.2012


N737AG - A Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator

I have been a flight simmer ever since the first flight simulators for computers were developed. My first program was the Flight Simulator for the Sinclair ZX81. Soon after I discovered the Sublogic Simulator for the Radio Shack Model I, and have remained hooked on this hobby ever since.

At the end of the 90’s I discovered Kev Saker’s cockpit project and I knew right then where I wanted
to take my hobby. When Kev Saker’s project was published at flightsim.com it was clear to me that I would build my own cockpit and it would be the 737.

After lot’s of experiments with Kev’s approaches and dozens of destroyed keyboards, I came across James Prices’s website and the work he and Matt Ford were doing on their own real Boeing 737 nose sections. Thanks to their work I knew it was possible to build a flightdeck resembling the real cockpit.

About that time I met Peter Cos, who was building his Airbus A320 in his basement. His website updates were awesome.  Following Peter’s updates and email communications, I learned how I would do my sim.

Eventually Peter started his company Flightdeck Solutions, today’s leading supplier of components and complete flight decks.

I have tried out many approaches, started flightdecks, built dozens of components and assemblies, but none have been satisfactory to me.

At the end of 2009 I was able to get a real 737 nose from the local boneyard. So this is the beginning of the final assembly of my cockpit. I will update this site as I progress.

Once again, welcome.